Other Events

FestivALL Fall 2014

FestivALL Fall returns October 24-26. Check back soon for more details! 

Thanks for Visiting FestivALL Charleston 2014

FestivALL thanks you, your friends and family for helping make Charleston become a work of art once again. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the events you attended and plan to come again in the fall and next year. Please check back here soon to see what's coming up during FestivALL Fall, October 24-26. Hint: Hamlet will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in our town.

Taste-of-ALL Awards

Taste-of-All Charleston 2014 newspaper food writer’s awards:

Judges: Steven Keith, “The Food Guy” Charleston Daily Mail and Judy Grigoraci, “From the Kitchen” The Charleston Gazette

Overall Best Dish:  Chicken and Waffle  (Southern waffle, made to order, honey nut encrusted crisp-fried chicken breast, topped with candied jalapeno, pecans, and drizzle of sage infused maple syrup– Black Sheep Burrito & Brew, Charleston

WV Music Hall of Fame Presents "Hillbilly Squares" starring Pierre LaCock

Following the two "West Virginia Squares" starring Peter Marshall tapings on Tuesday, June 24, the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame will host a special no-holds-barred segment called “Hillbilly Squares.” The 10 p.m. show - which is not recommended for children - will be hosted by Pierre LaCock (Peter Marshall’s given name). Note: West Virginia PBS has nothing to do with the adult version of this show.

Fifth Third Bank Children's Stage Sunday

Music and Variety entertainment for the whole family

11am Mick Souter

12pm Glen Singer, El Gleno Grande, Master clown, mime and humorist

1pm Mutts Gone Nuts, A dog act any cat can dig!

2pm Glen Singer

Fifth Third Bank Children's Stage Saturday

Music and Variety entertainment for the whole family

10am Katzendrummerz, Play drums! Have fun! Ammed Solomon, Mark Davis

11am Suzanne Tewawina, Native American music, dance and stories

12pm Glen Singer, El Gleno Grande, Master clown, mime and humorist

1pm Mutts Gone Nuts, A dog act any cat can dig!

Rain Barrel Exhibit

The 2014 Rain Barrel Tour brings 55-gallon drums painted by local artisans to the Capitol Street Art Fair. The public is also invited to participate in painting a barrel.

Sponsors: WV-DEP, City of Charleston Engineering Department, and Sherwin-Williams

Punk and Pancakes

An evening of debaucherous stories from a couple of infamous curmudgeons, each offering up a differing perspective on punk and literature. Legs McNeil and Johnny Puke take us down a road with antidotes of Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Blondie and others who helped shape punk music. ADULTS ONLY.

Co-produced by: Keeley Steele, The Bluegrass Kitchen

The Longest Day: Art with Heart

On The Longest Day, summer solstice, teams around the world come together from sunrise to sunset to honor the strength, passion and endurance of those facing Alzheimer’s with a day of activity. Eight local artists will design a work of art that can be contributed to by anyone. Donations for participation are encouraged. Each artist will have a two hour window to complete their work and the final products will be auctioned off at the Edgewood Country Club Culinary Cook-off.

"Haiku Hall" at Bluegrass Kitchen

Share your musings, celebrate the vibrant art in our city, or just give us a good laugh. All week long, guests can contribute to the “Haiku Hall” at Bluegrass Kitchen. We’ll share some of our favorites online throughout the week.